6 Jun 2013

(How) Recognizing Writing's Abilitiy

Dipinjam dari sini
After I’ve read Philip Pullman’s wiseword especially for who love or crazy about writing : 
 Don’t listen to any advice, that’s what I’d say. Write only what you want to write. Please yourself. YOU are the genius, they’re not. Especially don’t listen to people (such as publishers) who think that you need to write what readers say they want. Readers don’t always know what they want. I don’t know what I want to read until I go into a bookshop and look around at the books other people have written, and the books I enjoy reading most are books I would never in a million years have thought of myself. So the only thing you need to do is forget about pleasing other people, and aim to please yourself alone. That way, you’ll have a chance of writing something that other people WILL want to read, because it’ll take them by surprise. It’s also much more fun writing to please yourself.“

Now, I jut imagine about WRITING is something in relax and always makes me so feel enthusiastic alot. Beside that I guess it similar characteristic with computer skill. If I can't learning it more hardly, perhaps I've got just basic knowledgement. Means, I don't get alot improve in my progression. So, always make a nice dream to reach the highest aims to use bottom up approach to make learning situation more effective and enjoyable for writing.

If you just curious to know about your passion in writting skill, please check it down :

  1. sometimes unfortunatelly you pleased to express your mind in diary's book or a little notes.
  2. or like to write detailed experience
  3. open mind to sharing unexpected experiences
  4. easly got an idea or someting inspiration as like river flow
  5.  many friends was happy to read about article by written

Therefore I felt in love with Writing and try to make it good challenging for future ( I hope so). Now, I realized and know well if WRITING is my passion life. So, I must try hard being able to mastery Writing more better than before. Let's do now, if you recognizing writing's ability. Do the best !!!


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  1. Wah hebat ni sudah mulai posting dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris...^^ sip..maju terus mbak...

  2. hihi...kadang saya pikir, saya ditolak media karena gaya saya yg gak ngikutin maunya mereka kali ya mbak? hahaha.......

  3. @Susan : makasi atas doanya, yuuk maju bareng n smngat menulis :)
    @Evi :jgn pernah putus asa mbak...selama kita punya niat dan berusaha insy4llah jalan terbuka lebar.

  4. canggih amat siy Bun... jd tambah smangat niy... hayoook!

  5. @Hotma :gimana aku ajak gabung di grup Emak2Blogger n Ibu2 Doyan Nulis mau ?

  6. Balasan
    1. makasih yaa Mak... kalau okee mention aku dong :)

  7. menulis itu kayak menggambar.... meski yang ditulis/digambar objeknya sama tp masing2 punya gaya tersendiri....

    salam kenal ya mba...


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